Nvidia creates AI video compression for video conferencing

Nvidia creates AI video compression for video conferencing


NVIDIA has developed one intention of video compression the remark of AI, changing video codecs with a neural network. As a replace of sending a compressed video trail, their algorithm sends the direct of key facial gains and then in actuality animates a deepfake of yourself on the receiver’s computer. Furthermore, their technique may per chance well align faces in speak that you are avatar is fully having a stumble on on the person you are video conferencing with as a replacement of acting to glance off veil veil on fable of your digital camera and video show don’t appear to be aligned graceful.

So obviously I’m changing my face with Chris Hemsworth on all future Zoom calls on fable of why would I remark my procure face after I will remark his face? My lady friend already makes me tape a printed out photo of him to my face so this feels admire the next logical step.
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