24/7 streaming lo-fi beats to sip Pepsi to

24/7 streaming lo-fi beats to sip Pepsi to


Because Pepsi has either misplaced its thoughts or is a genius or both, they effect out this streaming YouTube channel featuring lo-fi relax vibes. It doesn’t sound that uncommon, as antagonistic to the movement only has songs featuring lyrics about Pepsi. As an instance, the lyrics to undoubtedly one of the predominant songs is:

Pepsi hits diverse whenever you occur to need a drink
You will accumulate one sip and be cleaning the sink
Pepsi hits diverse whenever you occur to’re attempting to love
You will operate your homework in precisely one blink
Pepsi hits diverse
It must derive your thoughts in sync
You will write a whole recent and burn up all the ink

For these who can not worship how perfect-looking and insane this is, I pity you. And sure, obviously I’ve had this on loop 24/7 since discovering it. Lift out I at this time accumulate extra Pepsi in my fridge than any human has ever had? Of direction. Am I attributing all my latest and future success to Pepsi? Positively. Will I dropkick you if I discover you drinking Coca-Cola on the boulevard? You bet. Look, I don’t maintain the ideas. I appropriate know that Pepsi is my only God now.

Protect going for the movement of beautifully relax Pepsi magic.
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