Kazakh Tourism adopts ‘Very Nice!’ as first price unusual slogan

Kazakh Tourism adopts ‘Very Nice!’ as first price unusual slogan


In a finest transfer, Kazakh tourism has embraced Borat’s cartoon of their country and flipped it for their advertising, adopting “Very good!” as their unusual first price slogan. From Kazakhstan Chase:

Kazakhstan? Very good!

Or no longer it is a site which you’ll also honest have heard of, that’s nicer than you ever imagined. The set up apart you’ll detect unending steppe, sand, and account mountain peaks ideally suited a short drive from a contemporary metropolis. The set up apart garlicky Kazakh horse sausage meets moving Uighur noodles. The set up apart shopping malls have sandy seashores and glass spheres dot the horizon. The set up apart of us are so friendly, you would possibly possibly ideally suited prove at a Kazakh toi (a aged marriage ceremony) after a few salams (hello!). How will you picture a site this stunning in exactly two phrases? As a speedy-witted man one acknowledged, “Very good!”

It takes a actually daring advertising team to affix their streak to Borat nonetheless I applaud their resolution. When the first Borat movie got here out, Kazakhstan misplaced their minds and tried to traipse a wide publicity advertising campaign in opposition to the movie and Sacha Baron Cohen. They went up to now as to steal out a four web converse ad within the Unique York Times and announced a press conference at their Washington DC embassy, to which Sascha Baron Cohen showed up exterior their gates and gave a press conference of his own pretending to be their spokesperson. You can not own in opposition to one thing like that, so obviously embracing it is the manner to head. Or no longer it is ideally suited too circulate their tourism video did no longer spotlight how they’ve the 2nd-cleanest prostitutes within the dwelling.

Protect going for the paunchy Kazakh promotional video, as wisely because the video of Borat giving a press conference exterior the Kazakhstan embassy.
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